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Directorial work for Resolution Design

As well as Max's role as head of 3d and 2nd senior creative at Resolution Design he also directed some spots for them.


"Out of the wood emerges the talent" was the inspiration behind this opener for the televised Inside Film Awards (If).

Client: If Awards
Direction, Concept & 3D: Max McMullin
Compositor: Eamon Davern
Post Production: Resolution Design
Executive Producer: Roy De Georgio, Producer: Lara Allen
Creative Director: Tim Dyroff


Olay Complete Defense

The trick here was to pre-animate the bottle and hand in 3d, and then on the day of the shoot to get the hand actor to mimic the moves with a prop bottle. We then tooked the filmed results and integrated them with the animated 3d bottle.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Agency Creative: Shannon Sutherland

Director and 3d Lead: Max McMullin
3d artist: Tom Corbet
Executive Producer: Will Alexander
Post Production: Resolution Design


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